With Valentine's Day being only a couple of short weeks away, I thought the focus for this month's collection of diffuser blends should be all about love and compassion - for yourself and for others.

Here's a little bit about each blend...

  • Candy Hearts is an uplifting blend of citrus oils, Ylang Ylang, and Spearmint that will boost your mood and bring lots of joy and enthusiasm into your life. 
  • True Love is a soothing blend that will calm irritability, reduce anxiety and fear, and help you release repressed emotions, in turn it will help you feel comfort in yourself and encourage self-acceptance.
  • Warm Hug is a comforting blend of soothing Lavender, uplifting Sweet Orange, and warming Anise. 
  • Let Love In will bring about feelings of love, reduce nervous energy, and ease anger with this combination of warming Cinnamon, earthy Patchouli, and heart opening Rose.
  • Quiet & Calm will help you relax, release worry, and soothe your heart.

Happy February and happy diffusing!

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