So much focus goes into treating your loved ones on Valentine's Day. 

But what about you? Don't you deserve to show yourself some love and pampering? I think so. And, spoiler alert, I think you should do it every day.

I know, you're saying "I don't have much alone time" and I get it. But, you don't need a lot of time to pamper and take care of yourself. Which makes it easy to do at least once a week, if not more. 

Here are a few things you can do daily to help open your heart, soothe your mind, and make YOURSELF feel loved and happy.


This is one that you can do everyday, anywhere, for any length of time that works for you. Meditation will help you feel calmer, happier, and more focused. Enhance your experience by incorporating aromatherapy into your practice. 

My favorite use of aromatherapy is for emotional support. You can use our Water roll-on blend to relax your mind, soothe your heart, and invite joy into your life. Roll it onto your palms and inhale a few times before meditation, or roll along the back of your neck and on your wrists as you go about your day. The scent is beautiful and comforting. 

Take a relaxing bath

If you have time in the evening, before bed, take a bath. Not only will it relax you after a long day, it will also get you ready for a nice deep sleep. Adding a few essential oils will take that relaxation even further.

Blend one drop each of Neroli, Sweet Orange, and Sandalwood essential oils into a tablespoon of unscented liquid castile soap. 

Fill up your tub with water and add the castile soap mixture. Soak away!

The blend of oils will help ease any negativity and anxiety you may be feeling, as well as encourage self acceptance. And, let's be honest, we can all use that from time to time.

If baths aren't your thing, you can diffuse Palmarosa essential oil into the air. 

It is comforting and relaxing to the emotions and helps open the heart. The scent is light-a little sweet, a little rosy, and a little herby. 

You can also add one drop of Rose essential oil to an ounce or two of unscented lotion. Rose helps heal and soothe the heart and encourages feelings of love, which makes it the perfect choice for the valentine season. 

*Just promise me you will only buy your essential oils from trustworthy sources who carry high quality and sustainable products.  

Do something you love

Do you love to read but wish you could do it more often? Take some time before bed, even if it's just a half hour, it's better than nothing! Are you taking advantage of that bath blend I mentioned above? Read while soaking. 

Love to cook? Plan one night a week where you make a new recipe you've been wanting to try. Take it even further and plan out a whole dinner from appetizer to dessert. 

Do you love music? Make it a point to turn off the tv and turn on some music every night. Dinnertime would be perfect. Not only will it make cooking more fun, it will create a nice atmosphere while you eat.

 You get the idea, if it makes you happy, make room in your life for it!

What are some of your favorite ways to care for yourself? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear!