For some reason, right after Valentine's Day, I automatically start thinking spring is here much sooner than it really is. We get one warm day and I'm breaking out my sandals and lightweight clothes. The next day when it's cold again I genuinely get offended, like the weather has wronged me-Ha!

Today, I want to share with you, five coats that are perfect for this time of year. Light enough to keep you from feeling like you're still wearing all those winter layers, but warm enough to, well, actually keep you warm. Function over fashion-boring, but necessary.

Rings by crescent & crow

Rings: Garnet $72, Citrine $75, London Blue Topaz $77

  1. We'll start with this lightweight pink coat. It is the perfect weight and so soft! Wear it with a heavy sweater underneath when it's cold and it will actually keep you warm. Or, wear it as a lightweight jacket when the weather warms upa bit. I love the pale pink shade because it also makes me feel like spring is close. FYI-this is the coat I have on in the pics.
  2. I am in love with this checked coat. The length, the color, and the fact that it has matching pants to wear it as a suit, makes me very happy.
  3. I love plaid! This coat is adorable thanks to the color combo.
  4. I love how thin this suede look coat is. I also love neutral shade.
  5. What do I love more than plaid (and possibly more than anything)? LEOPARD! This leopard print trench coat is a must have. Throw this over your favorite black pants and sweater and you have the easiest, and chicest, outfit ever.

Happy Friday friends!