Did you receive a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry as a gift, but have no clue how to care for it? 

No worries! Follow these simple tips to keep your silver jewelry like new.

  1. Be sure lotions, oils, and perfumes are dry before putting on your jewelry.
  2. Store your pieces in a cool, dry place such as a jewelry box or airtight zip lock bag. This tip is key as heat and light will speed up the tarnishing process. 
  3. Take your jewelry off before swimming. Salt water and pool chemicals will tarnish your pieces quickly.
  4. If tarnish occurs, clean your silver jewelry with a polishing cloth. Be sure the cloth is designed for use on sterling silver.
  5. The best way to keep your silver pieces looking new is to wear them often. I know it sounds crazy but it is true. I very rarely need to clean my everyday favorites! 

And there you have it. Pretty simple, right? Of course tip #5 is my favorite😉.

Here's to lots of fresh, bright, and well loved jewelry!